Your business is your child…

…you want to bring the best out of it. You excel in your area of expertise and understand that custom software may help you achieve bigger goals, but either don't have the proper team to build software or simply need an expert to guide you and make it a reality. That's why you look for advice.

2UP Media has spent the last 8 years solving business problems for local, national, and international corporations through the use of custom software. We are a botique that take in your baby as if it was ours. We help nurture it by understanding your challenges and business goals and coming up with technical solutions. We help discover and open up possibilities that weren't ever possible before. We don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Each project we touch we evaluate what gives the most impact.

Whether it's discovering new revenue streams, reducing risk, or improving efficiency within your organization, that's what we do.

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Client Testimonial

"Jorge is a strong worker with an eye for making developing technologies work well."
Chris Chubb , President , Code Gurus, Inc

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  • Custom Software Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Software Analysis
  • Software Testing
  • Integration between Systems
  • Legacy Software Modernization
  • API Design and Implementation
  • API Integration
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  • We're local to Orlando, FL! Sometimes it's better to meet in person AND we're virtual too!
  • We purposefully hand-pick project to give our utmost attention
  • We love to keep you "in the loop"
  • We can talk your language without confusing you with geek talk
  • We focus on solving your challenges instead of selling you the latest in technology
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Some of our clients

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Case Study


Major Insurance Intermediary


A Major Insurance Intermediary reached out to us after several successful projects done in the past. Their acquisitions department kept track of several thousand potential acquisitions from an evolved Excel spreadsheet turned Swiss Army knife.

Spreadsheets are commonly used as a core to some businesses. They quickly outgrew Excel and their spreadsheet developed into an unmanageable state. Spreadsheets were passed around and data was being overwritten which became a significant problem. The field employees were given a subset of records, but this made updating the master spreadsheet painful. Keeping track of due diligence documents related to one record was tedious to view. Security was very weak just a password protected spreadsheet and no one could be held accountable if something went wrong. There was no way of auditing anything.


We sat down and discussed what their challenges were and analyzed any other situations that weren't thought of before. We identified the different types of people that would interact with the application and the tasks that they specifically needed to accomplish. Designs were mocked up according to those. One of the concerns of the client was adoption. Even though the acquisitions team had many problems with their current spreadsheet, they were married to Excel. We solved this by creating a hybrid web application which generated excel spreadsheets that would be checked out (downloaded) and checked in (uploaded). Adding new records, assigning them to field employees, assigning statuses, and viewing records in a pleasant way were the focus of the web application. The rest of the individual pieces of data were managed in the spreadsheets. An executive administrator would be responsible to assign records to several field employees. They would check out records assigned to a field employee which would create an Excel sheet on-the-fly and then hand it over to them.

The field employees would update their spreadsheet and then hand it back over to their executive administrator which would check in the spreadsheet into the web application. A record conflict resolution system was created to handle any conflicts in the data and prevent data from being overwritten. For instance, if two people updated the same record and checked in their spreadsheets, one of them would be presented with a new spreadsheet with the problem record so that they could fix it. Underlying technologies used were PHP with the Kohana MVC framework, Javascript/jQuery, and a NoSQL database (CouchDB with Lucene). This application was also integrated into the company's existing intranet.


  • Records now leave an audit trail
  • Data is never lost and in the event that data is lost by user error it can be restored to a previous version
  • Better security and data is limited to what's assigned to each user so they don't have excessive privileges
  • Everyone adopted the new system well thanks to the hybrid approach
  • Important documents and any other file could be easily attached to a specific record. Anyone with the proper rights could view them in one central place.
  • Since a framework was used and proper software engineering practices were applied the application is prepared for any future growth
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